Why Metropolitan Movers?


Unless other movers in the Brampton area, we pride ourselves on our cheap prices and reliability. Whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, we can work around your schedule and move your belongings to your chosen destination. We realize that not everyone can move during the normal working day. Here at Metropolitan Movers, our flexible moving times allow you to move during the weekend or holidays instead.

But that’s not all. If your move-in time has been delayed, then we are happy to wait around until we are given the green light. We are 100% committed to providing you with the best customer service, from the time you first contact us right through until you move into your new property. We understand that no two moves are the same – and your experience should be tailored based on your needs. Our local moving company has worked with clients in Brampton for a number of years, so we know what to expect when moving day approaches.

So, what are you waiting for? To find out more about our moving services in Brampton region, to obtain a quote, or to speak to a member of staff about booking an appointment, just contact us today.



Client: This is Spencer Tapley here. I am here with Ali from Metropolitan Movers and I wanna say–What an awesome job that Ali and Alex and Andrew did for me, packing and moving yesterday and today. And, Lorena and the office is magnificent. If you guys need to move, you need to call Metropolitan Movers. Great rates, great deals, great people. Thank you